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Key to success is our focus, enthusiasm and sincerity on customer service

For over 26 years our  focus has been on providing the absolute best and most efficient manufacturing solutions. We pride ourselves in our commitment to employing the latest in technology, equipment, and cost management systems for each individual program.

Combined with our world class program management systems we are able to constantly exceed our customer expectation, meet all delivery requirements and build strong customer relationships.

We are ISO certified as well as having secured our Silver Certified Moldflow analysis certificate.

Our Facility

Located in Old Castle, Ontario, Our domestic location is a 20,000 sq ft facility that houses our local design and tooling operations. This facility has served as our primary plant for over 26 years and currently employs 15 administrative, design and program management personnel.


To effectively service our domestic client needs, efficiently and promptly, Our local facility is equipment with the following:

  • 1- 25 ton crane, 1 – 10 ton crane, 2 – 3 ton jib cranes
  • 4 CNC
  • 2 EDM
  • 1 – 200 ton spotting press
  • 1 TIG welder
  • 2 Bridgeports
  • 2 lathes
  • 3 precision grinders
  • Radial drill
  • CMM done by 3rd party
  • CNC Boring Mill – Awea BL3018

We pride ourselves in our ability to offer our clients complete tooling solutions to meet any of their needs and deliver on a consistent basis. Part of our ability to consistently deliver for our clients is ensuring that we the capacity and technology to meet our clients complex growing needs. To do so, we maintain a strong partnership a number of overseas tooling plants, including our primary Hong Kong based facility.

This facility was founded in 1999 and currently employs over 1350 people. This facility has ISO9001:2008 International Quality System and ISO/TS16949 quality management system. The main products produced here are: home appliances, motor parts, medical appliances, rubber mold and extrusion, precise parts.

This facility is equiped with:

  • 44 sets of CNC, including 6 Japan high speed CNC, the maximum run-length is 3050*2100*1070mm.
  • 50 sets of EDM,4 ones are Sodik,and the maximum run-length  is 3000X1800X500
  • 30 sets of EDW,2 ones are Charmille,4 are Sodik.
  • 52 sets of injection machines(from 40T-1300T), 25 are Toshiba.
  • 4 sets of imported three-D measuring machine
  • 3 sets of die spotting machines

Facilitated by our overseas facilities about 60% of our products are exported mainly to America, European countries, Japan, etc.

Program Management

We provide world class program management systems that exceed our customers expectations.

  • Each part gets a detailed case study completed to determine any part or tooling issue.
  • Full intermediate designs are supplied 7-10 days after the kick off date
  • Mold flow and cooling analysis supplied on specified tools, or complex parts
  • Each part or tool will have a timeline assigned that will be updated weekly with progress pictures attached
  • * All tools will have their own job binder which contain all the associated documents for that tool such as the quote, PO, financials, Kick off sheets, work orders, correspondence, timelines, process sheets, tryout reports, etc.
  • Following ISO standards
  • Designs/3D data files are provided to the customer upon receipt of part or tool
  • Full program management and tooling support of the tool at the customer site until PPAP or customer equivalent is established

Our Team

Keith Beneteau


Tammy Reaume


John Rocca

Program Manager

Sreedhar Pugalendhi


Kelly Moroun


Frank Vincelli

Program Manager

Our Customers

Our Commitments

  • •Provide the best and most efficient manufacturing solutions
  • •Utilize the latest in technology, equipment, and cost management systems for each individual program, utilizing domestic and global suppliers
  • •Provide world class program management systems that exceed our customer expectations
  • •Employ the most advance communication skills and systems available
  • •Meet or exceed our customers quality standards
  • •Meet all delivery requirements for each program
  • •Provide the best Global and Domestic costs with every quote
  • •Empower people and systems to work better together
World Class Management

We provide world class program management systems that exceed our customers expectations. Learn about or process

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